Orders for our March 19th shipment have closed. The next Homemade box ships Monday, March 26th. Order by 11:59PM Wednesday, March 21st pacific time.


Homemade streamlines meal prep so your active family can skip to what matters most—spending time together. Choose the meal plan that best fits your family’s needs, and receive fresh ingredients and fuss-free recipe cards for at-home delicious cooking made easy.  

1. Choose Your Plan

Personalize your meals by how many you’re cooking for and the types of recipes your family loves.   

2. Stay at Home

Everything you need for a great family meal gets shipped direct to you, including fresh ingredients pre-prepped and ready for cooking! 

3. Share a Meal

Simple recipe cards are easy-to-follow for a healthy meal in 30 minutes, so you spend more time together around the dinner table.  


  o How does Homemade work? 

Just follow these 3 easy steps and you’ll be cooking healthy, fresh meals for your family in no time:   

Sign Up: tell us the size of your family (2 Adults or Family of 5), and choose the box that meet’s your families’ dietary needs.  We offer classic, everything but the red meat and vegetarian options. You’ll receive an email confirming your subscription and you’ll be cooking the following week!   

Receive Your Box: this is the fun part! Each Tuesday (or Wednesday in some delivery areas), a box of incredibly fresh, food arrives at your home, packed in a cooled, insulated box. What’s more, it’s measured and semi-chopped, ready to prepare.  The box includes one or two delicious meals, customized to your family. 

Going out of town? Just email or call us to put your delivery on hold. We have no membership fee, and no minimum commitment. You can skip any weeks and cancel at any time.   

Start Cooking & Enjoy: you decide which of the meals you’ll be cooking that night.  Refrigerate the rest (or freeze the proteins if you won’t be eating them until the following week).  Encourage your kids to help out, and within 30 minutes, your whole family will be eating a new, healthy and tasty dinner together. 

  o How long does it take to prepare a Homemade meal? 

It only takes about 30 minutes or less to prepare a Homemade meal. Our ingredients arrive semi-prepared. For example, most of our protein and vegetables arrive pre-cut and sauces and marinades are ready to cook. Our goal is to make cooking as easy and enjoyable as possible, and to allow you that extra time to spend with your family. 

    o Why is the family meal important? 

Studies have shown that eating dinner together as a family has a positive impact on children’s behavior and eating habits.  Results have shown academic benefits such as an increased vocabulary, earlier reading, and better test scores.  There’s also nutritional benefits as well.  Children are more likely to eat more fruits, vegetables and vitamins, and are more open to trying new foods, when eating together as a family. But, preparing a meal that every member of the family will enjoy is often difficult. Homemade believes that it’s possible to prepare one meal to satisfy everyone at the dinner table. By offering recipes that appeal to both kids and adults alike, Homemade saves the family chef from feeling like an unappreciated short order cook. Reap the rewards of easy, tasty recipes, prepared in 30 minutes or less, and begin to enjoy dinner time again. 

  · Recycling 

o How do I recycle my Homemade box? 

We’ve worked closely with our suppliers to create packaging that is all recyclable or made of biodegradable materials.  Here’s how to dispose of your Homemade packaging in the most environmentally friendly way:

 The box: 

Your box should be flattened, then recycled with standard cardboard/paper recycling. The cardboard inserts and paper liners can be recycled with the box as well. 

Bags and bottles: 

All small plastic bags and bottles can be recycled with plastic recyclables.   


The outside is recyclable with your plastics, and the inside is made of biodegradable materials. Please remove the outside layer and recycle, and dispose of the inside in your regular garbage. 

Ice packs: 

Our ice packs are filled with a non-toxic gel. To recycle them completely, cut them open and dispose of the gel, then recycle the exterior packaging with your plastics. 

Note: Please always check with your local municipality as recycling capabilities can vary. 

  · Shipping & Delivery 

o How can I skip my delivery if I am going out of town? 

You can skip your Homemade meals at anytime by emailing us or calling. We have no membership fee, and no minimum commitment. All changes must be made at least 6 days prior to your delivery. 

o How do I change my address? 

To change your address, login to your account and go to  

o What if I’m not home during delivery? 

If you aren’t home when a delivery is made, the shipping carrier will typically leave your order at your doorstep. To ensure your order stays fresh until you get home, we pack your ingredients in an insulated box with frozen gel packs. 

o When will my delivery arrive? 

Depending on your zip code, Deliveries are scheduled on Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 8am and 9pm. More delivery dates coming soon! 

o Where do you deliver? 

We currently deliver in all 48 continental US states.